Souza : painting, drawings, writings - Francis Newton Souza was born in Goa, India, in 1924. He lives in New York since 1967


The true artist can never be pressured by society; his compelling art shirks-off all pressure except the pressure of Art!

I do not understand the purpose of prayer. Praying to whom? God, the Virgin Mary and numerous saints; Hindu gods outnumber all the gods of other faiths! -- The span, from Nature, Gods, to celestial beings... apsaras and avatars galore! The gods and spirits have to be supplicated and praised -- or else!

....Or else what? -- Or else nothing! The futility of prayers, said to nothing, to thin air...

It's good if the artist or writer means to make the viewer or reader laugh at his work. It's far better than crying before a work of art. The main purpose of the artist is to produce an elevated response. Then only is the work meaningful, and not a daub.

....Stupidity is the second nature of human beings; they go-about their mundane daily lives by being clever by half! -- Their basic nature is greed and selfishness... even their 'God' is pompous, like they like to be: it is He who says in the Old Testament, "I am holier than thou", obliquely used by humans against the fellow who is overly-pious, but actually expressing their own silly 'one-upmanship'! We know nothing, and science tells us less...

All the logic we may apply in order to discern the truth about Nature leaves us bewildered. And the formulas and theories of scientists and philosophers leave us cold!....

I seek Beauty more than knowledge. In fact, knowledge can be ugly.


  ---- from: THE PARAGRAPH
        by F. N. Souza,
        New York City, 2000

Francis Newton Souza
Crucifixion, 2000




2002, upcoming:
SOUZA IN BOMBAY & GOA; at Art Musings Gallery, Bombay, India

2001: SOUZA: A MODERN MYTH; at Galerie 88, Calcutta, India

2000:, the first-ever SOUZA Website, conceived and edited by Srimati Lal, & also,

1999: SOUZA: LATEST WORKS, at Copeland Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, USA

1998: SOUZA at BosePaciaModern Gallery, New York City, USA

1997: SOUZA: A RETROSPECTIVE, at Julian Hartnoll's Gallery, London, England

1996: THE ACRYLICS OF SOUZA, at LTG Gallery, Delhi, India

1995: THE CHEMICALS OF SOUZA, at LTG Gallery, Delhi, India

1994: SOUZA at Dhoomimal Gallery, Delhi, India

(All of these shows included illustrated catalogues and introductory essays by Srimati Lal.
Srimati Lal has been a prolific Art Critic & columnist with the TIMES OF INDIA, & INDIAN EXPRESS throughout the 1980's and 90's, writing hundreds of critical essays on Indian Modern Art. She now specialises in the career of Souza, who is the Founder of India's Urban Art Movement.)